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QuietCool whole house fan indoor airflow

Whole House
Fan System

Smart Switches

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

Make your traditional light switch smarter with a Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.


Specially rated smart switches support amperage requirements for whole house fans allowing you to control your fan with your mobile phone.


Kasa Smart Switch Features:

  • Control from anywhere with the Kasa Smart mobile app

  • Voice control with any Alexa or Google Assistant

  • Programmable schedule and away-Mode settings

  • Illuminating LED indicator on wall switch

Kasa Smart Switch.jpeg
Wemo smart switch.jpeg

Wemo Stage Scene Controller

The Stage Scene Controller connects to the Apple Home app and allows you to create and manage up to six scenes for lighting, entertainment, security, and temperature..


Kasa Smart Switch Features:

  • Control from anywhere with Apple HomeKit app

  • Programmable schedule and away-mode settings

  • In-wall, wireless and mobile control capabilities

QuietCool Wireless RF Control Kit

QuietCool's Wireless RF Control Kit makes enjoying the benefits of your whole house fan system even more convenient. This easily installable control can go with you  anywhere in your home and be used up to 100 feet away. You can also pair up to 20 remotes to one fan. This allows you to keep the remote in your room, or place one in every room of your home!

QuietCool RF Remote Control.jpeg

Whole House Fan Vertical Adapters

QuietCool vertical adapter.jpg

Don’t have a conventional attic space above your living area? QuietCool's Whole House Fan Vertical Adapter allows you to cool your home from a side attic space.


Whole house fan vertical adapters were created for homes that do not have attics above the living space but have a side attic against the wall, or only enough attic space for a QuietCool Whole House Fan. QuietCool's Vertical Adapter allow the fan's R5 Damper Doors to continue to open and close successfully while offering the entire home cooling and comfort you expect from a whole house fan system.

Interior Airflow Vents

Increase airflow between the rooms in your home and the main location of your fan with additional airflow vents.


These vents promote privacy by allowing you to close your interior doors while maintaining the cooling effects of your system.


Interior airflow options:

  • Basic vents - sizes vary, and provide the most airflow

  • In-door vents - promote airflow with low ceilings or no shared walls

  • Baffled vents - allow airflow, reduce sound transfer, increase room privacy


Whole House Fan Insulated Inserts

winter insert Andrew

Reduce noise from pressure changes in windy conditions and prevent heat loss in the winter with a whole house fan insulation insert.


Insulated Winter inserts are easy to install and designed to create an airtight seal around your whole house fan during the cold season.

Winter insert options:

  • Customized foam inserts (increase insulation value from R-5 to R-11) for QuietCool Stealth/Trident Pro whole house fans.

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