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QuietCool Stealth Pro Fans

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QuietCool Stealth Pro fans bring a sleek design, patented technology, and the most energy efficient and ultra-quiet motor to your home cooling system. The QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fans have mastered low cost cooling with powerful effects to keep your home cool and your money saved.

QuietCool's only 3-speed motor powers these whole house fans to deliver ultimate flexibility to your home cooling system. The ultra-quiet low setting allows for 24-hour cooling while drawing lower amperage than any other whole house fan system, reducing the risk of tripping circuits.

More Info

  • Available in various sizes

  • 3-Speed Electronically Commutated Motor

  • Smart switch and RF Remote compatible

  • 66.7 watts to 725 watts depending on the model

  • 1,479 CFM to 6,996 CFM depending on the mode

  •  15-year limited warranty (click here for details)


1.5: 1,498 maximum airflow for spaces less than 500 sqft

2.5: 2,490 maximum airflow for spaces less than 850 sqft

3.3: 3,216 maximum airflow for spaces less than 1100 sqft

4.8: 4,428 maximum airflow for spaces less than 1470 sqft

5.5: 5,068 maximum airflow for spaces less than 1690 sqft

6.0: 5,708 maximum airflow for spaces less than 1900 sqft

7.0: 7,015 maximum airflow for spaces less than 2400 sqft

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We'll help you pick the right Whole House Fan and Ventilation system for your home. It's easy, transparent, and affordable. Call us today!

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How it Works

Using your QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fan couldn't be easier!


Open two or three windows a few inches wide, turn on your QuietCool Whole House Fan, and experience fresh, cool air replacing your indoor air in 3-4 minutes. Your Stealth Pro Fan will quietly pull air through the windows, into the attic, and out the attic vents giving you a cost effective way to keep your home cool and healthy.

Fast Installation

Complete your Stealth Pro whole house fan installation in less than one week with Colorado's top-rated installer! From estimate to install our installation process saves you time and money — with free estimates, unmatched customer service, expert technicians and one-day installations.

Start your free quote today and experience the CHC difference!

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All The Benefits

From better home cooling to tremendous energy savings, Stealth Pro fans deliver a wealth of benefits. 

See how upgrading your home cooling system with a QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fan can cut your AC usage, improve indoor air quality, and bring your home closer to net-zero — all while enjoying a quiet, cool breeze.

Endless Savings

How much can you save on home cooling costs with a whole house fan system? 

QuietCool Stealth Pro fans operate for just pennies an hour, cutting AC-related energy costs by as much as 50-90%! See a return on your investment in a matter of weeks — or even days — with UNLIMITED cash back, and a 26% tax credit on solar-powered products!

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98% Customer Satisfaction

"Wow! It Works! When the fan is on it's very quiet, and you can feel the fresh air flowing through the house. It cools down the upstairs bedrooms in a hurry making for a comfortable night's sleep." 

— Homeowner, Castle Rock

Buy a Fan, Plant 5 Trees!

CHC is donating a portion of every whole house fan sold in support of the National Forest Foundation’s 50 Million for Our Forests campaign, the largest campaign in support of reforesting our publicly-owned National Forests.

For every whole house fan sold, CHC will fund the planting of 5 trees. Together, we'll restore thousands of acres of our National Forests. 

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