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Whole House Fans

Triangle whole house fans offer the quickest return on your investment among all home cooling systems, and the greatest value to our customers. CHC is among Colorado's leading Triangle house fan installers, providing installation, service and repairs all along the Front Range. Triangle house fans are proudly made in the USA and built to last.

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We'll help you pick the right Whole House Fan and Ventilation system for your home. It's easy, transparent, and affordable. Call us today!

Triangle Whole House Fans

Triangle whole house fan installation

Triangle Comfort whole house fans are an efficient and economical home cooling solution. 

Cooling your home up to 10-times faster than central air conditioning for a fraction of the cost, Triangle fans are the most cost-effective whole house fan system available.

Triangle Comfort Fans Features

• Two-speed wall switch and optional timer

• Automatic belt tensioner

• Variable motor with deep pitch four-wing propeller

• Bronze polyester powder coated finish 

• Rubber mounted ball bearings sealed for life

• 1” x 4” wood frame with rubber vibration and noise dampener

• Heavy gauge steel all weld construction

Why Choose Triangle Whole House Fans

Made in

Triangle house fans are proudly Made In The USA and come with a 10-year warranty on the body of the fan.

Made in USA Whole House Fan Colorado
Power &

Triangle offers six powerful fan sizes, accommodating homes up to 4,000 sq ft. without additional fan systems.

Triangle whole house fan indoor ventilation infographic Colorado

Triangle fans cool your home for 1/10th the cost of A/C — the most inexpensive home cooling solution.  

Save Money with a triangle whole house fan installation by Colorado Home Cooling

Triangle Whole House Fan Reviews

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"The Triangle fan is quiet because it is belt-driven, unlike the mot driven fans at the big box stores. The fan sucks the hot air out of the second floor, then blows the hot air out of the attic. It helps tremendously and the result is we use the A/C a lot less. I dislike air-conditioned air, so the dan makes a big difference to our quality of life."  

— Ken and Nancy, Denver

Triangle Whole House Fan Installation

Fan Unit

The house fan is installed on top of the ceiling joists in the attic, pulling hot air from inside your home.

Triangle whole house fan Colorado Home Cooling

The control panel is installed on a convenient interior wall, with a timer and two speed settings.

Trianle Whole House Fan control panel installation near me

The interior shutters are discreet, opening and closing automatically while your house fan is in use.

Triangle whole house fan shutter cover Colorado

Choosing The Right Triangle Fan

To determine the right Triangle fan for you, find the size of your home (as measured in above ground sq-ft.) in the table, also note the required net free vent area.

We offer a variety of Triangle whole house fans to suite your unique home, as well as different makes and models of attic fans and vents to complete your whole house ventilation system!

Triangle whole house fan specs Colorado Home Cooling
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