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Winterize Your Whole House Fan

Prevent heat loss and noise from your whole house fan all winter long with insulated winter inserts!

Whole House Fan Winterization

Winterizing your whole house fan is really important in making sure that you're keeping the heat inside your house in the winter time, as well as reducing unwanted noise caused by windy, cold winter days.

Installation is super easy! All you'll need is a step ladder, a winter insert, and the grate-puller that comes with your fan.

To install your insulated whole house fan insert follow these simple steps:


  1. Place your step ladder directly underneath your fan grate, and make sure you have stable footing on the ladder. 

  2. Use one hand to support one side of the grate. With the other hand, use your grate puller to gently tug the grate away from the damper box.

  3. Place the winter insert snuggly inside the grate — it should be a perfect fit!

  4. Snap the grate back into place.

That's it! Your whole house fan insulated winter insert is ready to keep the warm air in and the cold air out all winter long.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT RUN YOUR FAN WITH INSERT IN PLACE. Your fan is going to be completely sealed when the insert is in place — running your fan with the insert in place can damage your fan motor.

winter whole house fan

Whole House Fan winter inserts from Colorado Home Cooling are the fastest and most effective solution to winterize your QuietCool Whole House Fan. Custom made in our warehouse from insulated dense foam and radiant barrier, whole house fan winter inserts are easy-to-install and suited for any size QuietCool Classic, EnergySaver, Trident and Stealth Pro whole house fan.

  • Custom-fit for your QuietCool Whole House Fan

  • Easily installed in seconds - no tools required

  • Prevent thermal transfer for more energy savings

  • Reduce noise during windy conditions

Note:  Winter inserts must be removed before using your fan. The air-seal created by the insert blocks airflow and can damage your fan if not removed before use.

Winterizing your whole house fan is easier than ever! Our insulated winter inserts prevent heat loss and reduce noise from pressure changes in windy conditions. Whole house fan insulated winter inserts are designed to create an airtight seal around your whole house fan without the need to climb into the attic.

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