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Whole House Fan
Service &

Repair you old, noisy, or damaged whole house fan — or replace with with a new one! Our rigorous 15-point inspection and cleaning services and same-day fan replacements ensure your fan is running at peak performance.

Whole House Fan Replacements

Whole house fan replacements from CO Home Cooling provide a state-of-the-art solutions to your old, noisy or broken Whole House Fan.

We install whole house fans from industry-leading manufacturers including Triangle and QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans, offering you unbiased expertise and cost-saving measures to find the best replacement for your home and needs.

From estimate to install our whole house fan replacement process can take as little as one day! Start with a hassle-free estimate you can trust. Once confirmed, our expert installers arrive at your home on-time with everything necessary to replace your whole house fan in a single visit.

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Whole House Fan Service & Repair

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Is your whole house fan needing service or repair? Switches not working feeling no airflow? We are here to help!


We repair and service any whole house or attic fan with a rigorous 15-point inspection and cleaning to extend the life of your system and ensure it's operating efficiently.

All QuietCool whole house fansTriangle whole house fansattic fans and vents from CO Home Cooling come with limited warranties from the manufacturers. If anything goes wrong, give us a call and we'll send a tech right away!

The Best Whole House Fans

The best whole house fan is the best whole house fan for your unique home and needs — properly sized and ventilated! We are proud to offer products from industry-leading manufacturers including QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans and Triangle Engineering.

QuietCool Whole House Fans

QuietCool whole house fans are among the most energy efficient home cooling systems available today, earning a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

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Triangle Whole House Fans

Triangle whole house fans provide maximum airflow for the best value, offering the quickest return on investment. Triangle fans are built to last in the USA.

Attic Ventilation 

Attic ventilation is often needed to match the airflow from your whole house fan in order to prevent future damage to your system and ensure peak performance.

We recommend a minimum of 1 square foot (144 sq. in.) of net free (sfnf) attic ventilation for every 1,000 cfm of air moved by your whole house fan.

Inadequate attic ventilation is known to cause strain on your whole house fan motor and components, resulting in more service calls and lack-luster cooling performance.  When servicing or replacing your whole house fan we will assess the amount of attic ventilation in place, and offer solutions if more ventilation is needed.


From solar attic fans to passive gable vents and more, we install attic fans and vents in a variety of makes and models to suit your home ventilation needs.


CO Home Cooling is Colorado's top-rated home ventilation experts, with the solutions you need to keep your whole house fan system running for years to come!

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Attic Ventilation 

QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"We have used our A/C 80-90% less often than before installing our whole house fan. It's like having the A/C on! Wish we would have done this years ago!"  

— Mike, Highlands Ranch

QuietCool Colorado indoor air ventilatio

"As an architect designing zero energy homes, I expect the best service and components for our projects. Whole House fans are all you need for cooling in a front range home!" 

— Brian, Boulder

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Give Your Whole House Fan System An Upgrade!

Forget about your old, noisy and broken whole house fan and experience cooler, cleaner and quieter home comfort.
Schedule your whole house fan service or replacement today!

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