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QuietCool Whole House Fans Denver

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation & Sales

At Colorado Home Cooling, we specialize in Quietcool whole house fan installation and are proud to be the top-rated dealer in Colorado. Our team of experts has been operating in the heart of Denver since 2003, providing unparalleled service to homeowners looking to stay cool during summer months. Whether you want to increase your indoor air quality, reduce your energy bill, or simply enjoy the natural breeze, we can help you achieve your goals by installing Quietcool whole house fans in your home!

QuietCool Stealth Pro Whole House Fan

QuietCool Stealth Pro fans bring a sleek design, patented technology, and the most energy efficient and ultra-quiet motor to your whole house fan system.

Whisper-quiet Stealth Pro whole house fans offer a smooth installation process and deliver powerful home cooling effects day and night to battle the Colorado weather.

QuietCool Stealth Pro
Whole House Fans

• Available in various sizes for every home

15-year limited warranty (click here for details)

• Ultra-Quiet 3-Speed Electronically Commutated Motor

• 66.7 watts to 725 watts (depending on the model)

• 1,479 CFM to 6,996 CFM (depending on the model

QuietCool Trident Pro

QuietCool Trident Pro fans deliver the most powerful home cooling solution by providing maximum indoor airflow.

Offering the quickest return on investment, Trident Pro whole house fans tout a patented design, robust airflow and superior home cooling effects for your home.

QuietCool Trident Pro
Whole House Fans


• Available in various sizes for every home

15-year limited warranty (click for details)

• Removable grill and optional R-40 insulation insert

• 2-Speed Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

• 115 watts to 1,147 watts (depending on model)

• 1,498 CFM to 7,015 CFM (depending on model)


NFF Tree Planting Campaign Seedling_web.jpg
Buy a Fan, Plant 5 Trees!

Colorado Home Cooling is donating a portion of every whole house fan sold in support of the National Forest Foundation’s 50 Million for Our Forests campaign, the largest campaign in support of reforesting our publicly-owned National Forests and lands.

For every whole house fan sold, Colorado Home Cooling will fund the planting of 5 trees. Together, we'll restore thousands of acres of our National Forests. 

QuietCool Whole Fans From Colorado Home Cooling

Customer Satisfaction

QuietCool fans have earned a 98% satisfaction rating from thousands of customers! 

QuietCool whole house fan satisfaction badge Colorado Home Cooling near me

Variable Systems

Cool individual rooms or your entire house with independent controls and smaller fan systems.

Whole House Fan Home zone system diagram Colorado Home Cooling

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient QuietCool fans are among the best way to cool your home, according to the DoE.

Department of Energy official seal Colorado Home cooling

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation

Say goodbye to sweltering summer days with a whole house fan from Colorado Home Cooling. Our fans are perfect for those seeking a cost-effective and eco-friendly cooling solution, reducing your energy costs and providing you with a comfortable home environment. Choose from our selection of top-quality fans and let our team of experts handle the installation process. We pride ourselves on our fast and professional service, ensuring that your fan is installed in no time. Get in touch today to schedule a free and fast consultation.

Fan Unit

Your QuietCool whole house fan is installed inside your attic, suspended from the ceiling rafters to reduce noise while in use.

QuietCool Trident Pro mounted attic fan installation Colorado Home cooling near me

The control panel is installed on a convenient interior location, with SmartSwitch and remote control options available as well.

QuietCool attic fan remote control installation near me

A stylish interior vent is installed in the ceiling to optimize indoor airflow. A discrete, removable vent screen covers the fan damper doors.

QuietCool interior vent installation photo near me Colorado Home cooling

Choosing The Best QuietCool Whole House Fan

To determine the best QuietCool whole house fan for your home, first find the size of your home (as measured in above ground square feet.) in the following table. Also note recommended airflow and the required net free vent area.

We offer a variety of QuietCool fans and vents to complete your whole house fan system!

QuietCool Denver spec table Colorado Home Cooling

*For larger homes, QuietCool recommends creating a Zoned System by installing multiple fans.

How QuietCool Whole House Fans Work

Using your whole house fan couldn't be easier! When the outside air temperature is cooler than inside your home or attic, do the following:


  1. Open a few windows 4-6 inches wide

  2. Turn on your whole house fan using the switch, portable remote, or timer that was installed

  3. Feel a nice, cool breeze as air passes through your home, replacing all the stale, trapped air inside

  4. Experience a complete air exchange in your home in just 3-4 minutes tops

  5. Save money as warm air is expelled from your attic, keeping your home comfortable for hours, and cutting cooling-related energy use by up to 90%!

Whole House Fans indoor airflow.jpg

QuietCool Attic Fans & Vents

QuietCool Solar Attic Fans

QuietCool solar attic fan image near me Colorado Home Cooling

QuietCool rooftop solar attic fans deliver ample attic ventilation day and night with a pre-set thermostat and built-in AC/DC inverter to provide 791 cfm of airflow.

QuietCool Smart Gable Fans

QuietCool Smart Gable Fan photo Colorado Home Cooling near me

QuietCool smart gable fans use an ultra-quiet and efficient motor to provide up to 2801 cfm airflow. Adjust temperature and timer settings with mobile controls. 

QuietCool Smart Attic Fans

QuietCool smart attic fan photo near me installation

QuietCool smart attic fans offer the highest-rated airflow for residential roof mount attic fans. Easily control the 3-speed motor settings with smart controls.

Garage Fans

QuietCool garage fan near me installation

QuietCool garage fans use an energy efficient, ultra-quiet motor to deliver 1450+ cfm of airflow. Fire damper doors and RF remote included for safety and convenience. 

Denver's QuietCool Fan Installation Experts


Decades Of Experience

We are Colorado's top-rated QuietCool whole house fan installers, with thousands of satisfied customers.

The Home Team

Our installers are fully insured, trained, and dedicated to customer satisfaction — no independent contractors. We treat your home with care and respect you deserve.

One Visit Installs

We provide a quote you can trust based on your home's specific needs and complete your install in a single visit.


We're proud of our service to our community here and abroad. From overseas to your home we set the standard in service.

See What Denver Is Saying About Us

air ventilation through a clean white kitchen

"Great experience! Professional outfit, showed up on time, and did great work installing a whole house fan! Thanks CHC team!"  

— Timothy, Denver

air ventilation through a clean white living room

"Everything was topnotch and so professional. I am very pleased with my decision to go with CHC. They're the best!" 

— Suzette, Denver

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