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Whole House Fans & Solar

Pairing whole house fans with solar panel installations delivers greater energy savings the moment your panels are operational. Colorado Home Cooling partners with local solar companies to ensure a seamless installation process and maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service.

Why Pair Solar with a Whole House Fan


Solar panel installations can take as long as 4-6 months from contract signing to completion. A whole house fan provides energy savings benefits in as little as one week! 


Whole house fans cost as little as a few dollars per month when financed with your solar project. Most financing companies recognize whole house fans as a great energy efficiency improvement.



Whole house fans may qualify for federal rebates and credits for energy efficient home upgrades, including a 30% federal tax credit. 


Whole house fans can cut home cooling costs by 50-90%, operating for a fraction of the cost of AC.


Whole house fans cool every level of your home with quiet, cool breeze — even in upstairs bedrooms — better than traditional AC.


Adding a whole house fan will improve a home's offset, making solar a better investment and eligible for incentives.

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Ask Your Solar Installer About Whole House Fans From
Colorado Home Cooling!

Whole House Fan Installation 

Fan Unit

Your QuietCool whole house fan is installed inside your attic, suspended from the ceiling rafters to reduce noise while in use.

QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation Near Me Colorado Home Cooling

The control panel is installed on a convenient interior location, with SmartSwitch and remote control options available as well.

QuietCool RF Remote Control Installation Colorado Home Cooling

A stylish interior vent is installed in the ceiling to optimize indoor airflow. A discrete, removable vent screen covers the fan damper doors.

QuietCool interior vent installation near me Colorado Home cooling
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Become A Solar Partner

Solar Installers partnering with CO Home Cooling can offer more energy savings, a faster ROI, and piece of mind.

Why Colorado Home Cooling


Exclusive Solar Partner

CO Home Cooling partners with solar companies across the Front Range to offer turn-key solutions. We integrate with partners handymen and local builders to large solar companies.

The Home Team

Our installers are fully insured, trained, and dedicated to customer satisfaction — no independent contractors. We treat every property with care and respect.

Decades Of Experience

We are Colorado's top-rated whole house fan installer, providing eco-friendly home upgrades and unmatched customer service since 2003.

The Standard In Service

Veteran-owned and operated, we're proud of our service to our community here and abroad. Contact us anytime for seamless support and service.

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Cooler Homes, Cleaner Homes, Greener Homes

*Standard pricing available based on above-ground square footage of home

Free remote estimates available!

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