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Sun Tunnel

Complete your VELUX Sun Tunnel and Skylight systems with great accessories designed for more convenience and energy savings.

VELUX Sun Tunnel Accessories

Solar Night Light


Designed to discreetly fit inside your VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel, the VELUX Solar Night Light provides your space with a soft, soothing light from above when natural light isn't available.

Daylight Controller


Control the amount of natural light entering your living spaces. Additional power supply for VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights light control devices is required.

ZTC Energy Kit


Designed to increase the energy efficiency of the VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylight and enables your Sun Tunnel® to exceed the ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Electric Light Kit


The VELUX ZTL electric light kit enables flexible and rigid VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights to be used as a light source even at night. A perfect solution for dark bathrooms, closets and laundry rooms.

ZTA Turret


For applications where the Sun Tunnel® skylight dome needs to be raised above the height of our standard product.

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