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The Best A/C Alternative Is A Whole House Fan, Here's Proof

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Thermostat readout showing a dramatic decline in A/C usage over the span of 6 days.
Maggie from Colorado has seen a HUGE decrease in her A/C dependency since Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting installed her whole house fan.

Air conditioning alternatives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each claiming to be the best at keeping you cool and saving you money. Cost savings are great, but it's hard to match the convenience and powerful cooling effects air conditioners provide, especially if you're used to central air. More often than not you're left with an A/C alternative that's saving you some money but lacks the cooling effects needed to keep you comfortable during hot summer weather, or abandoning your search for a true A/C alternative all together.

Fear not! There is a true A/C alternative capable of slashing your A/C dependency while cooling your home from top to bottom, all for pennies an hour. Whole house fans are among the most energy efficient home cooling systems available on the market today, saving customers up to 50-90% on A/C related home energy costs and delivering exceptional home cooling results at the same time.

We asked our customers to share the cost-saving benefits they've seen since installing their whole house fan, and the proof is in the numbers!

Maggie first contacted Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting in June 2020 hoping to cool her home more efficiently than running her A/C constantly. As you can see (image above), Maggie and her family were depending on their A/C quite a bit — for nearly 9 hours on June 16! But no matter how much Maggie ran her air conditioner certain areas in her home were still less-than comfortable, and all those hours operating an A/C unit really started to add up on her utility bill.

CHCD installed a QuietCool Whole House Fan in Maggie's home that same week and reduced her overall A/C usage to fraction of what it once was without sacrificing any comfort or convenience!

This fan works better than we expected! We haven't changed anything! Still keep the AC set to 74 [degrees] and just run the fan on low as soon as it drops below 74 outside. Now our AC usually kicks on around 4pm for less than an hour and that's it! — Maggie

How whole house fans work

Traditional home cooling systems like air conditioners are designed to cool and recirculate the air already inside your home, operating for as much as $5 per hour. Alternatively, whole house fans actually replace all the hot, stuffy air trapped inside your home with quiet, cool breeze, creating a comfortable indoor environment and improving indoor air quality within minutes — all for pennies an hour. Installed inside the attic, whole house fans operate like a giant vacuum sucking up all the hot air trapped throughout your home and expelling it through your attic and roof vents. Even odors, pathogens, viruses and other indoor air pollutants are no match for a whole house fan.

Whole house fans are a simple solution to better home cooling, air quality, and savings. When the air outside is cooler than it is inside, crack open a few windows or doors, switch on the whole house fan, and enjoy the cool, comfortable breeze cooling your home from top to bottom. And don't be surprised if your air conditioner doesn't see any action for several days at a time!

Whether you're looking for an A/C alternative for your home or simply wanting to reduce A/C related energy bills, a whole house fan is up to the task. Installation is affordable, fast and easy, and you may even see a return on your investment in as little as one day!

It's been more than a year since Maggie had CHCD install her new whole house fan to cut down on her overall A/C usage — imagine just how much money she's saved since then! If you want better home cooling and lower A/C bills like Maggie, Contact Colorado's top-rated Triangle and QuietCool Whole House Fan installer!

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