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End Of Summer Home Projects You Won't Regret

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The end of summer may be in sight, but home improvement season is catching its stride. As the summer heat subsides, savvy homeowners are tackling a few more crucial home projects before the seasons change.

Roof Repairs Hail, wind, rain and direct sunlight all damage your roof over time — sometimes in a matter of minutes! And no matter how minor roof damage can be, it can cause a multitude of costly issues if left un-repaired. Small holes and cracks can allow water to enter and accumulate in your attic space, damaging insulation and the wooden structure of the home and roof.

Take a look at the ceilings in your home for signs of water damage to identify leaks, and look for more signs inside your attic (if possible). Climbing up to the roof — or hiring a professional to do so for you — is also important to find damage or potential trouble spots you can't see from inside. Make sure any needed repairs are done right away by adding caulking and fixing or replacing damaged shingles. Rooftop fans & vents can also be susceptible to extreme weather — make sure all fans and vents are unobstructed and in working order, and free of any potential leak-points. Making roof repairs now allows the time and warmth needed to create a water-tight seal before winter moisture arrives.

Time-saving tip: Take a look at the condition of your gutters while inspecting your roof. Remove any debris and make any needed repairs at the same time to save another trip up the ladder!


Much like the roof, your home's siding takes a lot of punishment day after day. Whether its brick, stucco, pre-fabricated or all natural, siding can deteriorate over time, but regular attention and repairs can help it last a lifetime.

Look for dents, scrapes, cracks and any other weak-points that may allow moisture (and pests) inside, and remove and obstructions from exterior and ground-level vents. A good wash or a new coat of paint or sealant will also up to your curb appeal and add another layer of protection for the coming winter weather.

Windows, doors and skylights

Believe it or not, windows and doors play a direct role in every home's energy efficiency. Old and damaged windows and doors can have a negative effect on home cooling and heating systems, creating a costly and uncomfortable struggle year-round.

Installing Low-e storm windows in existing window frames can prevent hot and cold air transfer through the glass itself, while a new layer of caulking — or full window replacements — will prevent any drafts and leakage around the seams. Take a look at the weather stripping and seals around doorways to prevent heat-loss this winter, too.

Skylights should be be inspected as you do your roof — looking for signs of interior leaks, and potential issues on the exterior of the roof. Old, damaged or leaking skylights should be replaced by a professional right away, before winter storms have a chance to cause further damage. Depending on the type and size of your skylights, replacements can be completed in as little as one day and for a few hundred dollars.

Your home's exterior may seem to have survived another summer of blazing heat and damaging storms, but ensuring your roof, siding and windows are prepared to face the coming winter should be at the top of your to-do list. Take some time enjoying the outdoors and get some piece-of-mind that your home is ready to face another Colorado winter. You won't regret it.

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