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How To Winterize Your Whole House Fan

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Winterizing your whole house fan is an easy yet important step in keeping the warm air inside, and the cold air outside, and maintaining energy efficient home throughout the fall and winter months.

Without insulation, warm air can escape from your living space through your fan vents, shutters, or damper box (depending on what type of fan you have) and gets trapped inside your attic. This type of heat loss, also known as thermal transfer, makes your furnace and other heating systems work a lot harder to maintain optimal temperatures in your house, which of course leads to higher energy costs. And the hot air that escapes into your attic? That creates a whole other mess of problems ranging from mold and moisture buildup to structural damage to your roof.

The winterization process for QuietCool Whole House Fan owners could not be easier with insulated winter inserts custom-made for most all makes and models of QuietCool Fans — all you need is a step ladder, an insulated insert and the grate-puller that came with your fan.

Don't know what size insert you need for your make and model of QuietCool whole house fan? Click the link below to find the perfect fit!

To install your insulated insert in your QuietCool whole house fan follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your step ladder directly underneath your fan grille, and make sure you have stable footing on the ladder.

  2. Use one hand to support one side of the grate. With the other hand, use your grate puller to gently tug the grate away from the damper box.

  3. Place the winter insert snuggly inside the grille — it should be a perfect fit!

  4. Snap the grille back into place.

That's it! Your whole house fan insulated winter insert is ready to keep the warm air in and the cold air out all winter long.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT RUN YOUR FAN WITH INSERT IN PLACE. Your fan is going to be completely sealed when the insert is in place — running your fan with the insert in place can damage your fan motor.

Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting is Colorado's top-rated whole house fan and home ventilation experts. Proudly offering custom-made whole house fan winter inserts for most makes and models of QuietCool whole house fans — Order Online Today!

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