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Roof Replacements And Attic Ventilation

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Two story house with new roof and attic fans

Most attic ventilation systems are installed on or inside the roof, so you would think when you need to get your roof replaced, the attic fans and vents would be too. Unfortunately, that's not usually the case. Roofing contractors often overlook the amount of existing attic ventilation before replacing the roof, leaving the home under-ventilated or with no ventilation at all.

Air conditioners, whole house fans, furnaces, and more home comfort systems rely on attic ventilation to operate efficiently. Without it, moisture and superheated air gets trapped against your roof with nowhere to escape. Hot, moist air can also damage insulation, ducting, the structure of your roof and even cause dangerous mold.

Make sure your roofing contractor is aware of the existing amount of attic ventilation before any work begins by asking them to measure it and replace it with the new roof. Most roofers can replace the needed amount using a variety of passive or powered vents — the most important thing is matching the amount of net free ventilating area.

Though attic ventilation is a crucial aspect of any healthy and efficient home, Colorado building code requires only 2 square-feet of net free ventilation, a standard many roofing companies stick to when replacing a roof. Any reduction in attic ventilation can cause home comfort systems to operate less efficiently, deliver lack-luster effects, void warranties and cause damage. Your roofer may not even think about replacing additional ventilation unless you make them aware of it first.

With extreme weather events happening more and more often, roof replacements are common in Colorado. Replacing your roof is a time- and labor-intensive project, with many intricacies your contractor needs to consider to complete to job properly, including attic ventilation. Don't assume your roofing contractor will properly ventilate your attic after replacing the roof — be proactive and make them aware of it before work begins!

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