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Plastic Dome Skylight Replacement

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Old, damaged skylights can cause a variety of serious problems in your home, attic and roof structure — even if you can't actually see any damage. Plastic dome "bubble" skylights are the usual culprit, still manufactured using rudimentary 1980s technology with a lifespan of about 10-15 years. That means if your plastic bubble skylights were installed during or before 2006, they likely need to be replaced as soon as possible.

See how easy it is to replace an old, plastic skylight with a new VELUX No Leak “Fresh Air” Skylight. VELUX's state-of-the-art skylights offer insulated glass, remote venting capability, and a clear view of the sky to keep your living spaces bright and feeling fresh.

You'll want to consider replacing your aging or plastic domed skylights before it's too late. Here's why:

Broken plastic dome skylight
Plastic dome bubble skylights are less reliable during hailstorms and other extreme weather.

Over time, acrylic skylights become discolored and brittle from sunlight exposure resulting in distorted, "wavy," and yellow-looking daylight. On top of light distortion, acrylic dome skylights are much more prone to leaks due to the way they are manufactured — with small holes drilled into the gutters to allow water escape — which also leads to cold and hot air seeping into your home, which leads to problematic moisture buildup. Plastic dome skylights are also weaker than glass skylights, even though the dome shape is designed to be stronger than a flat surface. The material itself is unable to support the same weight as modern glass skylights and much more susceptible to storm damage — something to consider when thinking about the heavy snowfall and hailstorms Colorado sees throughout the year.

Glass skylights are designed to last several lifetimes and often come with multi-year warranties from the manufacturer. VELUX Fresh Air Skylights, for example, may be equipped with the top-rated "Clean, Quiet & Safe" glass. CQS glass has a Neat® coating to stay cleaner for longer, 59% better noise reduction, and shatter-proof technology for added protection. Better still, modern glass skylights from VELUX perform 65% better than plastic bubble skylights in heat reduction and meet Energy-Star standards, reducing home cooling costs by up to $28 per month!

If it isn't clear by now (pun intended) ditching those old, plastic bubble skylights in favor of safer, more efficient glass skylights is a decision you won't soon regret. While any skylight can brighten your home with more natural daylight, they are also part of the first line of defense when it comes to home protection. Don't settle for out-dated technology and lack-luster daylighting — replace your plastic bubble skylights today!

Need to replace your old plastic dome skylights? Contact Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting for a free estimate! CHCD is Colorado's first-choice for Velux skylight replacements, earning 5-Star designation for our un-matched customer service and expertise.

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