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How To Brighten Rooms Without Windows Or Skylights

Brightening interior rooms of your home without windows or skylights may seem like a no-brainer with artificial lighting, but what if there was a better option? Windowless spaces like bathrooms, closets, hallways and others rooms are amongst the most-used spaces in your home — they deserve better than harsh overhead lighting.

Sun Tunnel tubular skylights are an easy, affordable, and permanent solution when windows and skylights aren't an option. VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights connect the interior of your home to the great outdoors, instantly transforming your living spaces with all natural, mood boosting daylight.

Similar to traditional skylights, Sun Tunnels capture sunlight through an opening in your roof, allowing it to pass into the rooms below. However, unlike traditional skylights, Sun Tunnel sun pipes brighten rooms below your attic space without altering the interior structure of your home. Sunlight travels from the opening in your roof through a highly reflective tube installed in your attic, and into your living spaces via a sleek opening in your ceiling. Also known as sun or solar tubes, VELUX rigid Sun Tunnels reflect 99% (+/- 1) of the sunlight captured in order to fill your home with pure daylight following the natural rhythm of the day.

The cost saving and convenience continues after the sun goes down with VELUX's Sun Tunnel Solar Nightlight. Taking advantage of a 26% federal solar tax credit when installed, the Sun Tunnel Solar Nightlight provides a soft, gentle overhead glow to your living spaces, replacing traditional nightlights and reducing the blinding effect artificial lights create when turned on in the middle of the night.

Sun Tunnel Skylights offer a better, less expensive, and more sustainable way to fill your living spaces with natural daylight when windows and skylights aren't an option. Completed in less than one day, Sun Tunnel installations cost a fraction of what you'd pay for traditional skylights and windows, and without the need for electrical know-how required to install artificial overhead lighting. With an additional 26% tax credit — equalling hundreds in additional savings — a Sun Tunnel is the perfect way to transform your home with all natural, sustainable daylight for years to come.

Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting is CO's top-rated Sun Tunnel installer, offering maximum savings, faster installs, and un-matched customer service since 2003. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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