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5 Home Projects For The End Of Summer

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The days are getting shorter and shorter — don't let the rest of summer slip away before finishing your home improvement projects!

As the last days of what home improvement contractors call peak season are insight, now is the best time to complete a number of home improvement projects before the seasons change. With plenty of warm weather days to come and annual price reductions for many products and services beginning, August and September offer a perfect opportunity to savor the summer and prepare your home for fall at the same time.

The time is right to check these home improvement projects off your list before the cold season settles in.

Check the Roof and Gutters

Take your end of summer checklist from the top by tending to your roof and gutters first. After half a year's worth of rainstorms it's safe to say your gutters could use a cleaning. Mundane as they are, gutters are essential to protecting your home from foundational erosion, interior water damage, and other costly repairs by directing water runoff safely away from the structure of your home. When neglected for too long, gutters need to be replaced — another costly project — but with regular cleanings, simple repairs and maintenance, you won't have to worry at all. Carefully remove any debris from the gutter channels, check for any dents, cracks and other possible leaks, and tighten any loose fixtures to make sure the gutters are secured. Give each section a flush with the garden hose and consider installing a gutter guard to block larger debris from clogging them up, and you're all done!

Summertime is the best time to tend to your roof, too. As a matter of fact, new shingles rely on warmer temperatures in order to form a weatherproof seal, according to One small leak in your roof can quickly become a big problem, making regular roof inspections crucial for any homeowner. This is especially important to homes in areas prone to hail storms and extreme wind damage. Though Colorado's notorious hail season extends into the fall, after a summer's worth of storms, making sure your roof is in the best shape it can after a summer's worth of storms is necessary.

Replace Damaged Skylights and Windows

Skylight replacements and roof repairs often go hand-in-hand, but skylights can be a bit more finicky, and thus should receive a little closer attention. Old, damaged skylights — especially acrylic or plastic dome skylights — are a huge culprit of heat-loss and higher energy bills in the winter. Considering the issues stemming from cracks and leaks, including mold and drywall damage, it's easy to see the importance of skylight maintenance. Replace your aging, plastic dome skylights with newer, high-quality glass skylights. Glass skylights offer better protection from the elements, better home efficiency, lighting, and a host of other benefits. If you don't have skylights but want the benefits of additional daylight in your home, a Sun Tunnel Skylight installation may be the perfect end of summer project. Cheaper and easier to install than traditional skylights, Sun Tunnel Tubular skylights transform your living spaces with a healthy dose of all natural light. Installed in less than one day, Sun Tunnels are quickly becoming a popular home improvement project, with homeowners earning an additional 26% federal tax credit for solar-equipped Sun Tunnels.

Drafty windows are another leading cause for heat-loss during the winter months, all adding up to higher energy costs. While caulking and re-caulking window seams may work in some cases, it never hurts to have a professional take a look and even install more efficient upgrades. Glass skylight and window technology has advanced so far that the additional benefits are astounding, with longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing products available to make your home better protected and more beautiful at the same time.

Survey the Landscape

While there's still plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, now's a good time to get them ready for next year, too. Consider refinishing your wood deck or patio to prevent warping caused by winter moisture, and seal any cracks or damage to your concrete drive and walkways. Replace broken or damaged sprinkler heads now, and make sure your irrigation systems are working correctly, before winterizing your system in the fall. Lastly, fertilize your lawn and make a plan to let your summer garden beds go dormant — get any winterizing material you may need now before the prices start going up later in the year.

Up Your Curb Appeal

Take advantage of the waning days of summer by giving your home a new look. A simple paint touch-up can go along way in making your home the envy of the neighborhood. Touching up your paint job also extends the lifespan of your siding — another important measure in winter home protection. While you're at it, inspect your siding for any damage and make repairs while the weather is still cooperative.

If you want to take your home's curb appeal to another level, consider a whole new paint job, or try a new color scheme with new accent colors on your trim. A new front door can add some much needed pop, as will new landscape features along your walk ways and around your yard. Complete your home makeover with a new garage door, mail box, light fixtures and street numbers, too, and watch the neighbors turn green with envy.

Take A Breath of Fresh Air

Your home's HVAC systems work hard all year round and thus need regular attention to continue operating at peak performance. Wether the hottest days have passed or more are still to come, late summer is perfect time to address all your home cooling needs. With AC bills only increasing, adding ventilation features like attic vents or a whole house fan will dramatically lower your AC usage, cooling your home more efficiently and preparing you for a summer of savings next year when the heat sets in again. The benefits of a balanced home ventilation system extend year round — delivering better home cooling and energy savings in the summer while preventing mold and moisture buildup, and maintaining health indoor air quality through the winter. Affordable and easy to install, home ventilation products like whole house fans and attic vents make an excellent end of summer project that provides long lasting, year round benefits.

Just as spring and summer is peak season for home cooling, fall and winter are for heating. Don't wait too long to have your furnaces, heat pumps and boilers looked at — you may be surprised how much time and money you'll save by being proactive. Make sure your filters are clean and thermostats are ready for another season of heavy use before your contractor's schedule fills up!

The end of summer is always bittersweet, but it isn't over yet. Savor every minute of summer you can while taking care of your home in the process. Check your roof, replace your skylights, spruce up outside, and optimize your HVAC system to ensure your home is ready for the next summer to come, and you'll be ready to enjoy it to the fullest once again.

Colorado Home Cooling & Daylighting specializes in whole house fan installation, attic ventilation, Sun Tunnel installations and skylight replacements. We are Colorado's top-rated home ventilation and daylighting providers, offering unmatched customer service, quality and craftsmanship since 2003!

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