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How To Install Roof Mounted Solar Attic Fan

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Solar Attic fan installation is an easy project for experienced do-it-yourselfers and those with experience in home renovations. If you are not an experienced craftsman, do not try to install a solar attic fan without the help of an expert as you may inadvertently cause severe damage to your home.

To install your new QuietCool Solar Attic Fan, you'll first need to gather your tools. Here's what you'll need:

  • Cordless Drill with Nut Driver

  • Measuring Tape

  • Roofing Knife

  • Flashing Material

  • Pencil

  • Weatherproofing Sealant

  • Self-tapping Screws

  • Rubber Bonded Washers

  • Reciprocating Saw

Next, gather your solar attic fan components and read through your QuietCool attic fan owners manual to ensure you understand all of the steps and requirements before your installation.

Determine the location where your QuietCool solar roof mount attic fan will be installed. IMPORTANT: After choosing the location of your solar attic fan installation, find the closest rafter to that location and determine if your roof has either 16" on center or 24" on center rafter spacing. Remove tiles/shingles if needed.

Find the center between the two rafters and mark it as the center of the vent hole partially insert a screw into the center mark.

Back on your roof, use the screw as a reference point and trace out a 14" diameter circle using the provided template. Use a reciprocating saw to cut out the traced hole patter from the roof decking. remove the cutout decking material from around the hole as needed. NOTE: If you have a shingled rood, insert the reciprocating saw sideways between the shingles and the roof decking. Starting at the 3 o'clock position of the vent hole, begin cutting in a sweeping motion under the shingles, cutting through any roof nails or staples. Using a roofing knife, cut a 4" horizontal slit in the shingles at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions of the hole, allowing the fan's flashing to slide underneath the shingles.

Once the vent hole is cut, position the fan so that it is centered directly over the hole. Lifting the fan unit at an angle, apply weatherproof caulking to the bottom side of the fan unit. This will help keep the fan in place and seal it securely to the roof. NOTE: If you have a shingled roof, slide the fan unit underneath the shingles until the fan reaches the top of the hole.

Next, secure the base of the fan to the roof. Finish caulking around the fan, and flashing it on to the roof to make a nice, easy seal. Replace tiles or shingles.

Inside your attic, connect the power adapter cord to the fan. Plug the power cord into the outlet.

Your QuietCool Solar Attic Gable Fan will automatically turn on if there is sunlight and the temperature is above 75-degrees.

All done!

Remember to ALWAYS check your local building codes when installing home appliances. You may consider using a professional to connect your new roof mount solar attic fan to power, or Contact Us to complete your entire solar attic fan installation! We are QuietCool Colorado's top-rated attic fan installer, providing free estimates, next-day installs, and un-matched customer service since 2003!

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